Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions

The Mazda Bongo is a great choice for a camper van conversion. We are experts in high specification, light weight Mazda Bongo camper van conversions. We have years of experience converting these excellent campervans.

Below are some of the details of our Mazda Bongo camper conversions. Please call us if you are considering a camper van conversion. We can cater for a wide range of requirements.

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Construction

We use high quality lightweight marine plywood for cabinets and consoles. This is foil backed to prevent de-lamination. Marine plywood is strong and durable, but much lighter than some of the alternatives. We can supply this in 20 different colours.

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Bed

We provide a bespoke ‘rock and roll’ style bed. This type of bed fits the Mazda Bongo perfectly. Rock and roll beds fold into seats when not in use. We can upholster your bed in whichever material you prefer, including suede, leather, fuzzy fluff or cotton. This bed is larger than the beds that fit into most other camper vans.

Our bed is very safe. Integrated seatbelts allow it to be used as a passenger seat when it is folded up. The bed is designed so that little effort is needed to put it up and down.

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Pop-up roof

We offer an exclusive pop up roof. This is very strong, adding to the structural integrity of the vehicle. The pop-up roof allows you to accommodate another 2-3 sleepers!

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Components

We use the best components throughout our camper conversions. A professionally installed leisure battery provides power. We install low energy LED lights and a highly efficient low energy fridge unit. We provide onboard water, gas cooker and 240v electrical sockets. Our camper vans ensure you have everything you need to camp in the wilderness – or the local camp site.

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Heating

The Mazda Bongo comes fully insulated.  If you are going to be camping in the colder months, we can install a full heating system.

Mazda Bongo Camper Conversions: Portaloo

We can even install a portaloo. This is perfect if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your campervan to use the toilet!