Why Choose a Mazda Bongo?

We love Japanese Campervans, especially the Mazda Bongo and Nissan Elgrand. Here are some reasons why you should consider the Mazda Bongo.

High Quality Imports

Japanese imports have a higher specification than their European equivalents, for example air conditioning and power steering are standard on all cars. The Japanese expect as standard many of the options that we have to pay extra for when buying European cars.

Better Maintained Vehicles

The Japanese warranty of fitness test is called the ‘Shaken’. This test is far more detailed than any European inspection. The Shaken that comes with a new car in Japan is valid for three years, but must be renewed on a biannual basis. This rule is strictly enforced and the massive cost of renewing the Shaken, compared to low new car prices is a huge incentive to Japanese drivers to trade their cars in.

No Salt Corrosion!

We unlike most importers only source vehicles from the south of Japan where they do not salt the roads . The result is that our vehicles more often than not look like new even in the places you rarely look but are in fact the most important.


Japanese reliability is legendary, and it is for this reason that Japanese vehicles have maintained a strong following.  Our low mileage vehicles offer many years of trouble free motoring thanks to their superior build quality.


These vehicles provide very comfortable driving  quarters – they are designed to allow you to drive all day without giving you any pain. Try out one of our Bongos and you will see that it is a very comfortable place to be!


We have negotiated special discounted rates with one of the largest camper van and motor home insurers in the UK –Safeguard.co.uk. Please mention that you have one of our vehicles when seeking a quote and you will receive a discount on your premium.

Right-hand drive

As anyone with experience of driving a European import can attest, driving a left-hand drive car in the UK can be awkward, and potentially hazardous. As the Japanese drive on the left side of the road, all our vehicles are sold prepared and ready to drive off the forecourt without you having to worry which direction the lights are pointing in!

4 Wheel Drive Options

Most European camper vans are only available in 2 wheel drive, but the Japanese vehicles are available in 4 wheel drive as well, making them perfect for true adventuring!

Our Expertise

We specialise in the sale and servicing of these vehicles, and we know them inside out. Ask us for any further information, and we’ll happily talk to you all day long about the Mazda Bongo!

Full Healthcheck

When you choose to buy a vehicle from us, we will give it a full healthcheck to ensure that it is ready for your adventures, however big or small! Let our experienced service engineers ensure your complete peace of mind.


Every aspect of serving imports can be carried out From basic speedo plate and band spreader fixing to complete engine rebuilds. There is nothing we can’t do. Service schedules can begin here with all belt changes and full services at highly competitive rates.

Mazda Bongos For Sale

2002 Campervan


2005 2L ECO Campervan

2001 BONGO CAMPERTOP Campervan

BONGO 2L ECO Campervan

BONGO Campervan

2001 BONGO Campervan

1997 BONGO Campervan

2000 Bongo Campervan

2000 BONGO Campervan

2003 BONGO AERO Campervan

1997 Bongo Campervan

2001 BONGO Campervan

2003 BONGO Campervan

2002 BONGO Campervan

2000 Bongo Campervan

2003 Bongo Campervan

1999 Bongo Campervan

2002 Bongo Campervan

2002 Bongo Campervan

2000 Bongo Campervan

1998 Bongo Campervan

1997 Bongo Campervan

1998 Bongo Campervan

1998 Bongo Campervan

2002 Bongo Campervan